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Our mission is to help people gain and grow self-confidence by providing beauty services that make getting ready faster and stress-free. We provide luxury beauty services at an affordable cost, use high-end products, and maintain up to date on salon hygiene and education. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with each client who walks through our doors.


Crafted Beauty Bar is a home-based beauty bar located in Chilliwack, BC.  We offer eyelash extension training, supplies for sale, and offer a variety of services. We offer classic eyelash extensions, hybrid eyelash extensions, volume eyelash extensions, mega volume eyelash extensions, eyelash lift and eyelash tints, eyebrow lamination and eyebrow tinting, henna brows, eyebrow extensions and teeth whitening! Every service offered is done with confidence as we are diligent in keeping up to date with beauty courses and education. Each service taken is done with confidence as courses have been taken and are accredited with certificates.

Our Story

Crafted Beauty Bar began in February 2017 when Lauren, the owner and beauty technician, took a leap of faith into the beauty industry after becoming certified in classic eyelash extensions. She quickly grew a passion for the beauty industry. As she was only offering her services part-time and out of her dad’s basement she didn't anticipate much. She had no idea her services would become such a demand, and the business began to flourish. With the business growing alongside her love for the beauty industry, she was eager to continue her education and take more courses. Her love for education in the beauty industry grew more with the growing knowledge she had from each course she took. Lauren has taken several beauty courses and is proudly certified in each service she offers. Lauren is an eyelash extensions specialist as she has been certified in eyelash extensions 5 times. Salon hygiene and safety is a huge asset to the business, and Lauren proves this as she has taken over 8 courses in this manner and always maintains proper salon protocols.

Beauty Safe Lvl 1 Badge.png
Beauty Safe Level 2. Esthetics.

Lauren holding her Volume Eyelash Extension certificate from 

Blink & Brow Co.

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